Giga-Concept supplies to wireless network or embedded mobile equipment manufacturers electronic components, connectivity solutions and accessories they need to manufacture their equipment.

With more than 15 years of experience in electronic development in the areas of radio frequency, custom made coaxial connectivity, RFID and piezoelectricity, Giga-Concept helps manufacturers resolve their specific problems with cable or non-cable connectivity and the prototyping of their systems.






Direct and exclusive partner to a number of component suppliers, Giga-Concept brings equipment manufacturers an unparalleled reactivity in the market to identify suppliers, component specifications, sampling and continuity of supply.

Its solutions are used by telecommunication and mobile operators and their subcontractors in the automobile industry, medical equipment, logistics, aerospace and defence. Created in 2003, Giga-Concept has 10 employees and in 2007 had a turnover of 3.5 million €.