FX Series

FX30 / FX30S
Réf. : FX30 / FX30S

FX30 / FX30S

The Sierra Wireless® FX30, a small, rugged, programmable Internet of Things (IoT) gateway, runs the secure Legato® Application Framework, and a long-term support Linux® operating system.

You can use the FX30 as a simple USB modem, but its full potential is realized when you use it as an embedded cellular platform for IoT applications.

The FX30 has a Ethernet interface and the FX30S has an UART interface. 

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Specifications for FX30 / FX30S

Key Features

• Penta-band HSPA+
• Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
• USB 2.0
• mini-SIM slot
• Three configurable I/Os
• Internet of Things (IoT) slot
• Legato support
• Ultra low power mode