Réf. : janus


Double camera for front and rear recording.

A panic button allow the driver to start the recording on the sdhc card or external hard drive.

A 3G option allows the video and the gps data to be sent live to a server.

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Specifications for janus

ITEM Specifications
Processor   ARM9 RISC CPU/333㎒    
Camera   2EA CMOS 0.3 M pixel built-in  
Lense   Inside view : 175° Wide angle Outside View : 120° Wide angle
Video Compression H.264
Audio Compression ADPCM
Vibration Sensor Detect impact and recording by vibration sensor
Memory RAM 64M bytes DDR X 2 (Use System)  
Flash 8M bytes Nor Flash (Use Firmware)  
Interface SD Card Slot SD/SDHC 4GB~32GB    
  Monitor 3.5mm Stereo jack (Use Video Output)
  GPS 2.5mm Stereo jack (Use GPS Data Input)
  Network Ethernet Protocol (Use Janus Back-up Server Interface)
  Power 3.5mm Power jack (DC12V ~ 24V)  
  EMGCY 2pin Digital Input (Use External Emergency)
GPS Vendor U-Blox
  Mode UBX-G5010-ST
  Ant. 25mm X 25mm Ceramic Patch Antenna
  Function Over speed, sudden start/ stop, link Google E-map
Audio Mic IN -30dB Condenser Microphone  
Buttons Emergency Tact Type      
  CH swirching Tact Type      
Indicator LED for GPS Not Fix : ON/OFF, Fix : ON(Green)  
LED for Recording Recoding : ON(Red), Event : ON/OFF
LED for Power Power IN : ON(Red), Power Out : OFF
IR Sensor 850n 8 pcs with CDS sensor(Option)  
Power Cigar Jack Input Voltage : 12V~24V, Minimum Input Current : 3A
    Power Consumption : MAX 4.8W@12V
Relative Humidity 10~95% @40°
Operating Temperature 0°~50°C(Maintain temperature : -25°~85°C)
Dimension 65*140*30mm      
Weight 150g        

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