Enocean actuators

Discover our range of enocean actuators. Enocean actuators are self-powered by mechanical energy, solar energy, or Pelletier effect (temperature difference).

All the Enocean range is ISO / IEC 14543-3-10: new standard for wireless applications with ultra-low power consumption.


Réf. : PTM210


Push button multi-channel switch module

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Specifications for PTM210


Enocean PTM 210 : Push button multi-channel switch module

The PTM 210 is a miniaturized batteryless switch module (40 mm x 40 mm x 11.2 mm) which allows the realization of very slim on-wall mountable rocker switches or remote controls (for example, control their equipment with switch enocean actuator rcm250). The actuating force is around 7 N only over a travel of 1.8 mm. Optionally, one or two switch rockers or up to four push buttons can be realized.

PTM 210 Features :

Power supply power generation by rocker operating Electro-dynamic Power Generator
Antenna integrated PCB antenna
Frequency 868.300 MHz (PTM 210 / PTM 215) 902.875 MHz (PTM 210U)
Data rate 125 kbps
Channels 2 with 4 action states each (upper/lower pushbutton is pressed/released)
EnOcean Equipment Profile supported EEP F6-02-xx, F6-04-xx (PTM 210/215 normal mode) rolling code with AES128 (PTM 215 secure mode)
Transmission range 300 m free field, typ. 30 m indoor
Energy bow travel/Operating force 1.8 mm / typ. 8 N (at room temperature)
Number of operations at 25°C typ. 100.000 actuations tested according to EN 60669 / VDE 0632
Module dimensions (inclusive rotation axis and energy bow) 40.0 x 40.0 x 11.2 mm
Operating temperature - 25 up to + 65 °C

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