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Giga-concept works with leading suppliers of oscillating crystals, oscillators, and ceramic resonators. Our crystal products are employed in the telecommunications and automotive industries, and in multimedia, Test & measurement, medical industry, and consumer applications.


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All of our suppliers are ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 certified and some of them are even TS/ISO 16949 to comply with the automotive industry standard

Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester
Réf. : Modules Voltures

Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester

The wireless Volture™ Piezoelectric Energy Harvester converts vibrations into electrical energy.

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Specifications for Modules Voltures

Harvesting Vibrational Energy with the Volture™



Giga-concept's Volture™ Piezoelectric Energy Harvester uses the piezoelectric transducer effect to convert normally wasted mechanical energy, in the form of vibrations, into useable electrical energy. The Volture's protective skin also provides electrical insulation and defense against humidity and harsh contaminants. It makes piezoelectrics easier to use and easier to integrate into your products.

Any application where sensing is needed and there is a consistent vibration to harvest from can benefit from the Volture™.

Energy Harvesting Applications

A vibration rich environment and a great need for sensing make helicopters one of the great applications for vibration based energy harvesting. Helicopters are complex systems which require extensive sensing to remain working at peak efficiency. Providing power to these sensors is not only costly and complex, it also adds a significant amount of weight to the vehicle which the helicopter operators can not afford. Midé’s robust energy harvesting devices are a cost effective means to enable wireless power and sensing for helicopter applications.


Oil and Gas
From down hole drilling to refining plant operations, vibration energy harvesting is a low cost and highly effective means to improve the efficiency of and protect high value operations and assets. The cost and complexity associated with replacing batteries in a wireless sensor network assisting an oil and gas operation operate efficiently is not worth the investment. However, if the sensor nodes can harvest vibration energy from the environment and use that energy to power the wireless node, the true value in the sensor network can be fully realized. Midé’s robust energy harvesting systems are perfectly suited for these harsh oil and gas applications


Building and Plant Automation
Every business and individual is striving to improve their efficiency and reduce their footprint. This is achieved by operating assets more effectively and efficiently. The best means to do this is to have detailed knowledge of all parameters affecting your system and respond based on the most detailed information. For many applications and systems such as building and plant automation this means outfitting equipment with many different types of sensors. These sensors need power. Hardwired power can be costly to install. Battery power is costly to maintain. A device that can harvest energy from the environment to power the sensor system enables large scale wireless sensor networks that can drastically improve the efficiency of operations.




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Slam Stick
Réf. : Slam Stick

Slam Stick

The Slam Stick™ is a high speed ultra portable rechargeable data logger capable of measuring acceleration in all three axes.

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Specifications for Slam Stick

The Slam Stick™ is a high speed ultra portable rechargeable data logger capable of measuring acceleration in all three axes. The device uses a USB Port for on the fly configuring, charging and downloading of data. Simple configuration software allows users to tailor the device to their specific needs. The configuration options include an adjustable delay time before each measurement, different measurement durations, and a trigger based on a pre-determined acceleration level. Free analysis software allows for complete vibration characterization enabling the user to determine the frequency content of their given vibration.


The Slam Stick™ can be used for many different applications including energy harvesting vibration characterization, modal surveys and equipment monitoring. Simply configure the device for your application, mount the device on your vibrating structure, hit the button and download the data to your computer



-Free Analysis Software - click here for web page
-Simple and Easy to Use
-Small and Lightweight
-High Speed - 3.2 KHz Sampling Rate
-Characterizes Vibration Profile for Energy
-Harvesting Applications
-Dust Proof Enclosure
-Simple Analysis & Configuration Software (Included)



-Characterizing Energy Harvesting Vibrations
-Equipment Installation Verification
-Vibration Characterization for Damping Purposes
-Condition Based Maintenance
-Equipment Monitoring
-Bearing Monitoring